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Large power transient suppression TVS diode KA series.KB series.KC series


Ultra large power TVS diode surge protection device product line -- Blue Baby surge Suppression Protector KA series, a new type of overvoltage surge protection device, specially designed to protect large and valuable electronic equipment. For example, telecommunication infrastructure equipment, railway track signal controller, medical mechanical equipment, industrial transient voltage surge suppression system, power grid transmission system, defense avionics equipment,Military equipment etc. Compared with traditional surge protectors, Blue Baby TVS diode KA is of more stable quality, longer life and smaller size, and can provide protection up to 15KA, which is the lowest clamped voltage surge protection device on the market.
High-power surge suppressor KA series meets UL certification and RoHS standards, and does not contain lead (Pb), specific advantages:
√ Complete KA product family: K1, KA, KB, KC and KD series;
√ Up to 15kA surge performance (8x20μs waveform);
√ High current Transient Suppressors;
√ Excellent Capability;
√ Glass Passivated chip and bi-directional;
√ Low Slope Resistance;
√ Hazardous Substances Free;

√ Quality High Temperature soldering: 260 ℃ / 10 seconds at terminals;

√ Epoxy implosions, RoHS Compliant,



In practice, only one KA series surge protection device is needed to replace a large series of discrete TVS diodes connected in parallel to achieve the same level of surge current protection, or to replace SPD surge protection and large, bulky lightning protection modules. Therefore, it is known that KA series surge protector can save a lot of board space, simplify the design and reduce the number of components, can accept an unlimited number of surge absorption capacity, no damage within the nominal range. At the same time, it is well known that the traditional lightning protection device module life is short, use a year or so has to be replaced, over voltage surge protection choose KA series baby blue surge suppressor, not easy ageing, using ten years without replacement, long hours, very suitable for application in the train control system, the anti-interference of the important role of surge protection.
Compared with the traditional GDT and MOV solutions, KA series products are more stable, more reliable, lower clamp voltage, and greatly improve the system performance of the products.