Laboratory Introduction

SOCAY has a professional EMC protection laboratory accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), which is at the leading level in the industry. The laboratory is open to customers free of charge, with professional engineers to follow up the whole process, and customize protection solutions for customers.  At present,we have successfully set up a free EMC laboratory mainly in Shenzhen - Beijing - Hangzhou - Shanghai, radiating to the whole country.

Circuit Protection "one-stop" Service

  • (1)Pre-design stage

    In the early stage of the customer's product design,our technicians will preliminary communicate with the customers to understand the functional design requirements of the product.Then we will provide our customers with free circuit protection protection solutions, design schematics and board layout advice.At the same time, according to the customer's requirements of circuit protection solution design ,we will provide customers with circuit protection components with cost-effective, short delive

  • (2)Mid-term Pre-validation Stage

    In the middle of customer's product design,we rely on our own professional EMC laboratory and experienced professional test engineers to provide free pre-validation test services for small and medium-sized electronic manufacturing enterprise customers who lack test equipment and professionals.In the process of testing, our engineers will comprehensively analyze the problems existing in the circuit protection solution of the customer's products.Then provide our customers with suggestions for rect

  • (3)Late stage

    At the later stage of the customer's product design,through long-term cooperation and communication with customers, our engineers have a more accurate understanding for customer's electronic product circuit protection scheme design.Depend on that,we will assist customers to summarize and evaluate the design of this circuit protection solution.If required by customers,we will provide free circuit protection solution design training to customer designers to improve the design ability of circuit pr

Laboratory Appointment

  • ShenZhen
  • BeiJing
  • HangZhou
  • ShangHai
Shenzhen Free EMC Lab

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