Socay Electronics Corp.,Ltd.
Ticker Symbol:839612

Shenzhen Socay Electronics Corp.,Ltd.was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Shenzhen,China. "Virtue-based, mutual benefit and win-win together" is alway our business philosophy. At the same time, we continue to innovate in the field of electronic/electrical equipment, security equipment, communication equipment, transportation equipment, automotive electronics, computers, consumer electronics and power supply modules and other product protection needs, and provide our partners with high-quality circuit protection components and reliable circuit protection solutions. After years of development, growth and accumulation, SOCAY has also established great reputation in the market and become an excellent circuit protection components manufacturer in China.

SOCAY's main products include a full range of Ceramic Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), Transient Suppression Diodes (TVS Diodes), ESD Suppressor, Thyristor Surge Suppressors (TSS), Spark Gap Protectors (SPG), Varistors (MOV), Chip Varistors (MLV),  PTC Resettable Fuse, Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistors (NTC Thermistors), Chip Bead, Schottky Diodes , Zener Diode, etc. From circuit design to product testing (and provide test reports), we will provide you with one-stop services in the field of circuit protection. With excellent quality and service,  SOCAY has won extensive praise from customers and respect from the industry.

Since the establishment of the company, we have invested a lot of money in R&D and production process, committed to high-quality circuit protection solutions, and provided efficient technology, electronics components, and test support to global customers to meet the needs of  quickly develop new products.In order to provide more convenient technical and logistics services, the sales system of SOCAY has widely covered North America, South America, Europe and Asia. In 2015, we completed the joint-stock reform and began to step into the high-speed track of joint-stock development.