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Production Solution depend on using of varistor and GDT tube together for power supply with AC220V


Under the premise of not affecting the level of pressure-sensitive protection, varistor and gas discharge tube in series can slightly reduce the V1mA value.On the one hand, the gas discharge tube can block the leakage current in the pressure-sensitive system during normal operation, slowing down the deterioration of the performance of the pressure-sensitive resistor;On the other hand, the electrical equipment can be protected in time by taking advantage of the advantages of fast response speed, good nonlinear characteristics, and large current capacity of the varistor.This article introduces a power surge protection solution used in conjunction with varistor and GDT:


Application background

1. Global warming, more thunderstorms

2. After the power supply is damaged by lightning, it is very harmful and the maintenance cost is high

3. High surge protective equipment becomes an industry trend

Socay Solution and Electronics Components

Gas Discharge Tubes(GDTs)

GDT【SC2E5-600LL】DC Spark-over Voltage:600V±20%,Nominal Impulse Discharge Current(8/20μS):5kA,Maximum Capacitance<1.0pF,Minimum Insulation Resistance >1GΩ; Intermediate protection level

GDT【SC3E8-600HM】DC Spark-over Voltage:600V±20%,Nominal Impulse Discharge Current(8/20μS):20kA,Maximum Capacitance<1.5pF,Minimum Insulation Resistance >1GΩ; High protection level


MOV1/MOV2/MOV3【14D471K】Varistor Voltage(at1mA):423-517V,Withstanding Surge Current(8/20μS):4500A,Maximum Clamping Voltage(at5A):775V  Intermediate protection level

MOV1/MOV2/MOV3【20D471K】Varistor Voltage(at1mA):423-517V,Withstanding Surge Current(8/20μS):4500A,Maximum Clamping Voltage(at5A):775V High protection level


1、LED street light power supply

2、Switch power supply

3、Air-conditioning power supply

4、Inverter power supply

5、Computer power supply

6、Induction cooker/rice cooker

7、Other AC94V-AC264V power supply

Application Note

1. This power supply solution meets surge test standards such as IEC61000-4-5 and GBT17626.5

2. In differential mode protection, GDT and MOV can be used together to prolong the service life of MOV

3. In common mode protection, GDT and MOV are used together to prevent the leakage current of MOV from flowing to the equipment shell and meet the safety requirements

4. This power solution can pass 1.2/50μS-8/20μS combined wave differential mode and common mode surge test

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