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Package SO-08

Voltage 28V


Package DO-27

Voltage 6V


Package DO-27

Voltage 25V

    Semiconductor overvoltage protection device is a new type of protection device according to the injection technology for the production of silicon controlled by using the principle of ion conduction, with accurate, quick response (ns level response time), absorptive capacity surge high strong, bidirectional symmetry, reliability. The flow capacity is the same size of TVS tube through the strong surge, can replace TVS tube used in the passive circuit. But its conduction properties close to the short, can not be directly used for the active circuit, used in such a circuit must be combined with current limiting element, the continued flow is less than the minimum to maintain current. Semiconductor overvoltage protection device is mounted, in-line and axial lead type three kinds of packages.
  DO-214AA Package PXXX0SA Series
  DO-214AA Package PXXX0SB Series
  DO-214AA Package PXXX0SC Series
  DO-214AC Package PXXX0TA Series
  DO-214AC Package PXXX0TB Series
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