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SM8S series of Socay Electronics Co., Ltd

Author£ºSocay (Sylvia)   Source£ºSocay (Sylvia)   Time£º2014-03-03 16:44:53

      Socay Electronics Co., Ltd  research and develop  new products which are high-power TVS diode SM8S series , mainly used in automotive electronics, pass 7637 test standard, we have the following models to choose from:

SM8S10, SM8S10A, SM8S11, SM8S11A, SM8S12, SM8S12A, SM8S13, SM8S13A, SM8S14, SM8S14A, SM8S15, SM8S15A, SM8S16, SM8S16A, SM8S17, SM8S17A, SM8S18, SM8S18A, SM8S20, SM8S20A, SM8S22, SM8S22A, SM8S24, SM8S24A, SM8S26, SM8S26A, SM8S28, SM8S28A, SM8S30, SM8S30A, SM8S33, SM8S33A, SM8S36, SM8S36A, SM8S40, SM8S40A, SM8S43, SM8S43A

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