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Korean customer specified TVS diode SM8S36A models, products in short supply

Author£ºSocay Electronics   Source£ºSocay Electronics   Time£º2014-05-21 15:49:36

    Recently socay launched TVS diode SM8S series products, just attack, effect is immediately apparent, whether domestic or foreign trade, are consulting. South Korea Smecta have several customers directly to the models of SM8S series TVS diode SM8S36A, the US trade Lehe much ~ products are in short supply.
    With the development of electronic product application, socay electronics launched continuously adapt to the market development needs of a new generation of transient suppression diodes (TVS diode), the products listed by a wide range of manufacturers and traders favor, orders, Triumphant news., especially the SM8S36A models of TVS diode, this product suitable for automotive electronic protection, over 7637 test, welcomed the advisory.
    The following are the basic parameters of the TVS diode SM8S36A series products.
    Name: DO-218AB SM8S36A package
    Power: 6600W, working voltage: 36.0V, type: SM8S36A, package: DO-218AB

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