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P6KE.SMBJ using high quality 80MILGPP package

Author£ºSocay Electronics    Source£ºSocay Electronics    Time£º2014-05-21 15:35:42

    Transient suppression diode (Transient Voltage Suppressor) referred to as TVS, is a kind of high efficient protection diode form. When the TVS diode poles by the reverse transient high impact energy, it can take 12 square second rate 10, the high impedance of the polarization between the variable as a low impedance, absorb up to several kilowatts of power surge, the voltage clamp between electrodes in a predetermined value, effectively protect the precision the components in electronic circuit, from damage of the surge pulse.
    Socay electronics´ transient suppression diode production, all using GPP package. Ensure the high reliability of quality, the grain size of 80MIL used in P6KE.SMBJ than other 72MIL. manufacturers to ensure that the TVS flow rate Ipp and Ifsm.
     Socay electronics TVS product characteristic:
     1¡¢GPP grain
     2¡¢Low leakage current.
     3¡¢excellent surge absorption capability
     4¡¢Fast response time
     5¡¢encapsulating epoxy resin by UL94V-0 flame test standard
     6¡¢conforms to the UL.RoHs standard lead-free products

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